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Brownie recipe in 8 STEPS

Follow our brownie mad easy recipe today to create your own

Recipe Ingredient

  • 200g dark chocolate (70%chocolate)
  • 100g milk Chocolate
  • 49g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 170g Butter ( UNSALTED)
  • 240g dark brown sugar
  • 140g plain flour (Not Self raising)
  • 2 large eggs


  1.  Melt the dark chocolate and half of the milk chic together with the butter in a bowl
  2. In another bowl, whisk two large eggs in with the sugar until it’s pale brown
  3. Mix the cocoa power with flour
  4. Combine the chocolate mix (1) and sugar-egg mix (2)
  5. Then fold in flour mix (3)
  6. pour into a grease proof lined square tin about 8″ square. Make sure the mix is not spread out too thin . It should be about 2″ high
  7. Then dice the remaining half milk chocolate into small chunks. Pour it evenly over the mix and push them down a little bit, not to the bottom. Just a tiny bit so as shallow bury them and smooth it over.
  8. place in the oven at 160 degree for 39 to 35 min. Make sure it doesn’t dry out, just cooked. It will still be super soft, that’s fine. Just leave to cool completely in tin

 Serving Idea

This brownie is very rich and moreish. I find thee following serving ideas very useful

Good old Plain

Cut a nice square and serve it plain with a glass of iced cold milk or hot steaming gourmet coffee to cut through the richness. Sometimes the simplest options are the best options

Fudge it up

Place one brownie square in a wide bowl. Top with one scoop of your favourite ice cream. Drizzle with hot fudge sauce and sprinkle with Spanish peanuts.

Brownie Sandwich

For a thick brownie, cut out the brownie size of your choice and slice in half horizontally. If your brownie is relatively thin then cut out two identical size brownie from your tin.Soften your favorite flavor of ice cream so that it is spreadable without running. Spoon ice cream onto brownie, spreading evenly and sandwich the other side of the brownie.Wrap in plastic wrap and place on cookie sheet.

Freeze until ice cream is hard then serve with a raspberry coulis.


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